The IATSE 514 union was created to help its technicians get the recognition they deserve, and claim the rightful place of Montreal and Quebec movie production teams within the North American film industry.

ACT S32.1

When IATSE 514 was created in 2005, the Act respecting the professional status and conditions of engagement of performing, recording and film artists (Act S32.1) recognized only 15 or so technical trades in the movie industry. The lack of legal status for many trades prevented the establishment of a strong position from which technicians could negotiate their working conditions.

In 2009, after lengthy negotiations, the scope of the law was expanded to redefine the negotiating sectors as well as the scope of union recognition in the audiovisual production industry.

Thanks to this new legislation, labour peace was established. The province of Quebec has since been able to host an unprecedented number of major American productions, which has led to significant economic benefits and the creation of numerous jobs for film industry professionals.

In 2015, the Commission des relations du travail (CRT) confirmed the affiliation of sectors 2 and 4 to our union, which enabled IATSE 514 to pursue its mission.

Nearly 15 years of achievements

In 2020, IATSE 514 will be celebrating its 15th anniversary. We are more than ever honoured to represent our members, and it is with great pride that we look back at what we have accomplished since our beginnings in 2005. Our priority right now: to implement new strategies in order to attract a growing number of American productions to Quebec.

The IATSE International family

IATSE 514 is part of the IATSE organization, which is the largest film and entertainment industry labour union in North America. IATSE members work in film and television productions, live theatre and concerts, as well as exhibitions and trade shows. They also work in the costume, accessory and construction departments that support other sectors. IATSE has close to 130,000 members in 438 locals, including 36 in Canada.

Over 125 years of history

The origin of the IATSE union dates back to 1893, when stagehands from 11 U.S. cities met in New York to discuss their working conditions and those of their peers. They pledged to support each other to negotiate fair wages and better working conditions for all, and they officially established their organization, known as the Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. A few years later, in 1895, Toronto stage technicians decided to establish their own union, soon followed by their Montreal peers in 1897. Both groups joined the Alliance in 1899, which gave international status to the labour union.

Since its creation more than a century ago, IATSE has successfully dealt with many challenges stemming from, among other factors, the rise of new media, the diversification of film industry professions, the emergence of new markets and numerous technological innovations.

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