Mission statement

Providing technicians and artisans of the motion picture industry in Quebec with employment opportunities while continuously improving their working conditions.

Core values

Pride, professionalism, respect.

Operating principles

1. Autonomy

For IATSE, the complete autonomy of its local unions is a fundamental principle. Its independent affiliates may, within the framework of the Alliance constitution and bylaw standards, amend, repeal or enact their own statutes and regulations.

2. Democracy

All union leaders are democratically elected by their fellow union members. Member involvement is encouraged at all times and can take different forms. For instance, members may participate in general meetings, represent a department or collaborate in decision-making within the executive committee.

3. Organized labour

We firmly believe that organized labour is an essential resource that allows members to defend and improve their working conditions. We also believe that unionism is essential to counter inequities in the workplace.

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